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Fun in the Sun and Protect Your Skin

The Fourth of July is this week already! I think it is safe to say that summer is finally here. Us Minnesotans love to talk and complain about the weather—don’t we?  It has been a cold May and June—we did not like that. Now the heat is on the horizon, we will complain about that… Continue reading Fun in the Sun and Protect Your Skin

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Family Vacations: Take Them

If you can take a family vacation while your kids are little, I highly recommend it. The memories and experiences will last a lifetime. Some people say things like, “The kids are too little—they won’t remember it,” and, “It seems like so much work.” Well, all of that is true, but for me, it is… Continue reading Family Vacations: Take Them

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Heart Health Month: Kristen’s Story

February is Heart Health Month. Before it’s over, I wanted to share my dear friend Kristen’s story—one of the strongest, bravest, and most inspirational people I know. Meet Kristen Kristen and I met as colleagues and quickly became good friends. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Ryan, and they have two adorable kids,… Continue reading Heart Health Month: Kristen’s Story


Time-Saving Tips for the Busy Mom

This blog originally ran in the fall. With the holiday season being so busy, I felt this topic was relevant. Feeling pressed for time? Story of my life—and everyone’s lives. We are all busy people, and one of my pet peeves is when people make their “busy” look like it is more important than my… Continue reading Time-Saving Tips for the Busy Mom

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Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving

This is a sponsored post. The time has finally come to start hosting everyone for the big Thanksgiving feast! With hosting comes a lot of prep and stress. The stakes can feel high if your in-laws, family, or friends have always hosted—especially if they do an incredible job at it. But never fear: if you… Continue reading Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving

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Why Halloween with Kids Is So Sweet

Halloween: You either love it or you hate it! Before I had kids, I could honestly take it or leave it. Matt and I were completely fine staying in and handing out candy to kids. We would attempt to watch a scary movie—my attempts always result in failure; Matt can watch them no problem. If… Continue reading Why Halloween with Kids Is So Sweet