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Family Vacations: Take Them

If you can take a family vacation while your kids are little, I highly recommend it. The memories and experiences will last a lifetime. Some people say things like, “The kids are too little—they won’t remember it,” and, “It seems like so much work.” Well, all of that is true, but for me, it is… Continue reading Family Vacations: Take Them

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Winter Is Not Going Anywhere

If you live in Minnesota or the Midwest, you survived the recent Polar Vortex. The kids and I were in Arizona for most of it, but we made it back for the last day of the beyond negative temps—and we could not have timed it any better. While the severe cold is coming to an… Continue reading Winter Is Not Going Anywhere

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Cold, Flu, and Being a Working Parent

There is nothing worse than that dreaded phone call from your child’s school, preschool, or daycare with news that your child is sick—especially when both parents work. It usually never happens at a good time, since you can’t predict getting sick. If I could plan to get sick, I definitely would pick out the days.… Continue reading Cold, Flu, and Being a Working Parent

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Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving

This is a sponsored post. The time has finally come to start hosting everyone for the big Thanksgiving feast! With hosting comes a lot of prep and stress. The stakes can feel high if your in-laws, family, or friends have always hosted—especially if they do an incredible job at it. But never fear: if you… Continue reading Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving

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State of Mind: Why Exploring Your State Is so Great

We often think we need to travel far or by air to experience a new place. Once you have little kids, you might wonder if it is worth it to book tickets, load everyone up, and travel to some far-away destination on an airplane—I personally think trips like this are worth it. But if you… Continue reading State of Mind: Why Exploring Your State Is so Great