Grace’s Favorite Things

The gift buying season is in full swing! I wanted to share some of my favorite things from skin care, clothing, to house stuff that could inspire your gift buying for those special people in your life. I have two rules when buying gifts: first, would I buy it for myself? And secondly, can the person I am buying for actually use it. Here is a list of my 12 favorite things—I saved the best for last.

Patagonia Pullovers
My two favorites are the Organic Cotton Quilt and the classic Better Sweater. I live in these all winter long. They are worth every penny, mine are four years old and still like new. This is a great gift for a spouse, parent or sibling.


Slippers are AMAZING, what is better than being home and wearing your most comfortable and favorite pair of slippers? Some of my favorite slipper brands are Minnetonka, L.L. Bean, and Target! If you know someone who doesn’t have slippers, they will love getting a pair. A great gift option for anyone!

Sorel Boots
Sorel boots are a staple if you live in the Midwest or mountains! I live in my Joan of Arctic boots in the winter—I got them on sale years ago and they are still like new.  For Christmas I plan to purchase the Emelie Chelsea booties—fashionable and functionable. This would be a great gift for someone close to you like a spouse, parent, or sibling!


Aerie Sweatshirts
I discovered Aerie sweatshirts last year and they have changed my life! I wear them all the time in the fall and winter. They are so soft, so comfortable, and they look great. I think this would be a great gift for a sister or a friend—they are reasonably priced so make sure you get one for yourself.


I discovered the best legging brand EVER about a year and a half ago! The brand is 90 Degree by Reflex. They are high waist, flattering, squat proof, and no sweat shows. My first pair is still like new. I use these for everyday and when I take yoga and HIIT classes. You can get these on Amazon for around $25.00—I would gift yourself with these or someone close to you like a sister.

The Captured Harvest
The Captured Harvest makes handmade goat milk skin care products. I use these products every day in the shower. I am always looking at skin care labels and this a no brainer because there are only a few ingredients. I know the owner and these are handcrafted in small batches locally in the Midwest! These are great gifts for ANYONE—family, friends, teachers, bus driver…etc.


Rae Wellness
Rae Wellness is a new holistic ingestible beauty company that is thriving! I also know the owner/founder of this company. They are affordable and they bypass all the unnecessary ingredients. My favorites are Beauty, Vegan Collagen, and Complexation. This would be a perfect gift for any gal in your life like your best friend, mom, aunt, sister, or cousin.


I am getting into real and faux plants for the home—they are trendy! A small and affordable plant that is easy to keep alive is a thoughtful gift. I recently discovered The Sill on Instagram—potted plants delivered right to your door. A gift a plant lover in your life would love.


Amazon Echo
I love our Amazon Echo so much! We have one in the main room of our house and then I have an Echo Dot in my office. The Echo Dot is a great gift for anyone but also think of the tween and teen stages. A perfect gift for that niece or nephew that is hard to shop for!

Coffee Mugs
I love coffee mugs; they are one of my favorite things to buy and get as gifts. If you are looking for a great mug, I strongly recommend Anthropologie, their mug selection is by far the best. Mugs are great gifts for a co-worker, teacher, or friend.


You can’t go wrong with a candle. Like the mugs, the best candles are from Anthropologie! My best friend gives me the Volcano Candle every year for my birthday. this is obviously a great gift for a close friend!


The Gift of Kindness
I thought I would save the best for last! Kindness is something we all can give this holiday season and year-round. Every year my neighbor, Molly, leads sending care packages to troops and adopting military families—I admire her so much for doing this. She is still collecting stuff for Veteran’s home, drop a comment if you want to help. Whether it’s snacks for the parcel delivery person, a cup of coffee for the truck driver traveling, adopting a family, donating items for care packages for the troops, or volunteering your time. The smallest act of kindness can make a difference in someone’s life.

Molly’s home as she pres for care packages for troops, adopting military families, and items for Veteran’s homes

There you have Grace’s favorite things! When you buy gifts for someone else remember my rules, would you buy it for yourself and use it. If so, then they will likely enjoy it too. What are some of your favorite things?

4 thoughts on “Grace’s Favorite Things

  1. I feel this strong pressure to keep giving the Volcano candle! Don’t hate me if I switch it up with a pedi and champagne this year.

    Anthro Candle for Christmas instead?! 🤣🥂😘👣

    Love you! Great gift ideas!


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