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Congratulations to My Kindergartner

This year was our first year having a kindergartner. I am extremely proud of my son for accomplishing so much during his first year of elementary school — from learning to read to no longer writing his name backwards. Today he brought home a kindergarten book with memorable things from throughout the year — and I learned his favorite parts of his community are the fire department and McDonalds. I could not agree more with his six-year-old mind. Then he asked me, “What is a community?”

We had so many great moments while learning some life lessons. Here are my three favorite memories of having a kindergartner.

First day of kindergarten!

The Bus
My favorite part was watching him get on the bus every morning. We hit the bus driver jackpot, she is one of the kindest people!  The bus would loop by our house a second time, and I would see his little blonde head through the window, watching for me. He would blow me a kiss every time. Most days, I would have stuffed animal in my hand that he chose to have wave with me. I would always get that little lump in my throat because he would look so grown up, yet so little.



I also really enjoyed volunteering at the classroom level. I would do reading groups with a small group of kids or help with classroom projects. It was a great way help the teacher and stay connected. There are other areas to volunteer, like the parent teacher organization, but the classroom level is where I feel I can make the most impact. It also works best with what I can commit to for time.


They Learn!
They learn so much! Jacob would come home and tell me about stuff I had no idea he knew. He learned about holidays around the world, Martin Luther King, Jr., our presidents, the state bird, and the American flag. I loved seeing him learn and grow each day.

While there were so many joys of kindergarten, there were also a few challenges that came with being part of something new. But those new experiences led to so much growth. Now onto summer break — what are your plans?

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