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Family Vacations: Take Them

If you can take a family vacation while your kids are little, I highly recommend it. The memories and experiences will last a lifetime. Some people say things like, “The kids are too little—they won’t remember it,” and, “It seems like so much work.” Well, all of that is true, but for me, it is all about living in the moment and embracing the opportunity to be somewhere new with your family. I always say that traveling with kids is an adventure and traveling without kids is a vacation. Our kids talk about every trip we have taken them on and how they can’t wait to go again. In a sense, it will be a huge part of their childhoods.

As a parent, my goal is making their childhoods fun and memorable. We recently took the kids to Florida again. If you ask me, I think it is the easiest and best place to vacation with little kids. We got to spend time with some of my family in the Orlando area, and then the four of us went to the Gulf Coast for the remaining 5 days of our trip.


Here is how I recommend doing a vacation with younger kids.

Visit Family
If you have family in another city or state, I recommend visiting them! We had so much fun seeing my brother, sister, and our nephew, who all live in the Orlando area. Getting a direct flight in from Minneapolis was easy and actually affordable.

We spent a day at Wekiva Springs paddle boarding. We sat by the water, paddled boarded to the spring, and then played in the water on the way back. We even saw an alligator! It was so much fun.

Beach It
After we spent a couple days with family, the four of us went to the Gulf Coast and rented a small beach condo in Treasure Island. I thought Treasure Island was a great place for kids. It is between Clear Water and St. Pete. It was not very crowded considering it was spring break. The beach and water were perfect for little kids.

No Agenda
My favorite thing about our trip was that we had no schedule. We took each day as it came to us. We did not plan anything, and we kept our trip very basic. We spent the morning walking the beach and looking for shells. Then we would head out in our minivan (first time experiencing one) and explore the area. By mid-afternoon, we were back at the beach, and we were at the pool by late afternoon. We bought groceries for breakfast, lunch, beverages, and snacks so that we did not have to dine out for three meals a day. For dinner, we would head out early and eat somewhere waterfront and head back to the beach to watch the sun set.



With summer coming up, I’m curious: Do you have any plans to do a staycation, travel within driving distance, or travel far? I love hearing staycation and vacation ideas!

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