Why I Think Grandparents are So Wonderful

Grandparents are so wonderful. My kids every so often get to spend the weekend alone with Matt’s parents. It such a great thing for everyone involved. Matt’s parents love taking the kids, the kids love being with their grandparents—they even get spend time with my mom when they are up because she lives close by.

Isabelle with my mom, Sally. Boat naps are the best!

The kids just spent a winter weekend up at Gull Lake a couple weeks ago and I was thinking how happy I am that my kids get to make memories with their grandparents like I did. My favorite childhood memories were spent at the lake with my dad’s mom and in Iowa with my mom’s parents. I felt like the luckiest kid in the world when I got go visit without any parents. It is like anything goes—in a good way—when kids are with their grandparents without parents. Here is why I think it is important for grandparents and grandkids get the one on time.

Jacob and Matt’s mom, Jan

The kids are usually well behaved
There is something about the magic of grandparents and kids behaving well. I feel like meal time can be a battle at our house they just want to play and not have a quiet meal time. My mom sent a photo of the kids sitting perfectly and they ate a nice big lunch uninterrupted—that rarely happens unless they are starving. Matt’s mom will send an update the kids went to bed so easy because they were tired, WHAT?! We have like a 45 minute routine to wind down. When I was a kid I felt like I was always good for my grandparents because they were so fun and nice and I had no reason to misbehave, ha!  It warms my heart seeing my kids having this with their grandparents.

They make everything Fun
Whether it is taking a walk, picking up sticks, or going to Costco, my kids think everything with their grandparents is fun. Nothing extravagant has to be planned. The simplicity of being with their grandparents is all they need, take peeling corn for an example, my kids love peeling corn with my dad, they love it so much they told him they are going to corn school.

The kids peeling corn with my dad, Mark.

They make you feel special
When I was with my grandparents alone I felt like the luckiest and most special person in the world. I think that is why my kids love being their grandparents so much because they know how much they are loved and how special a grandparent can make you feel. I remember when I was little my mom’s mom would tell me I never had to finish my dinner at her house and I thought that was so cool. Even though I did not finish my dinner, my grandpa would take me for ice cream, just us. My dad’s mom would always play the card game memory with just me, I felt so special having that one-on-one time.

What is your favorite memory with your grandparents?

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