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Winter Is Not Going Anywhere

If you live in Minnesota or the Midwest, you survived the recent Polar Vortex. The kids and I were in Arizona for most of it, but we made it back for the last day of the beyond negative temps—and we could not have timed it any better. While the severe cold is coming to an end (for now!), we still have months of winter left. I like winter better than spring, because at least in winter I know it will be—and expect it to be—cold. Spring temperatures can range from 30-70 degrees, and it can either rain or snow. Spring is my least favorite season. I like winter for the most part, but, like you, I do get tired of it. However, I do my very best embrace the Minnesota winter. Here are five ways I see the best in what feels like the longest, coldest, darkest season.


Embrace the Weather
The best way to embrace the weather is to dress for it and enjoy the fun activities you can do outside. Get some ice skates and go ice skating. You live around thousands of frozen lakes, and there are many outdoor rinks. Build a bonfire on a nice winter evening or late afternoon. Go skiing or snow tubing at the local ski hill. Bundle up and take a winter walk. Try ice fishing, and go with someone who knows what to do—you will have fun even if you do not catch anything. You are sure to be miserable if you just sit inside and complain about winter.


TV and Books
Winter is the best time to catch up on TV, and there are so many binge-worthy shows out there. Some of my favorites are 13 Reasons Why, Schitt’s Creek, You, Ozark, How to Get Away with Murder, and The Ted Bundy Tapes. There is nothing better than getting cozy on the couch with tea or wine and a blanket. Winter is a guilt-free time to watch endless TV!

You all know how much I love a good thriller—no better time to read than on a really cold winter day or night. Check find my favorite reads here.

My favorite clothes are winter clothes! They are so comfy, and you can wear them in or out. I love putting on a soft fleece with leggings—my favorite outfit in the entire world.

Explore your city or area and try new restaurants with your family or as a date night. We have our typical go-to restaurants, but we love to explore outside of our bubble during the winter. There are so many great places to eat.

Get Away
We all need a break, so plan to make a break for it. Take a couple of long weekends—or a week-long trip, if you can—because it is a great mood-lifter to have something to look forward to. And, if you absolutely can’t handle winter, I suggest just moving. Go visit your friends or family in a warmer state. Take that spring break trip. We get away a couple times every winter, whether it’s to visit family, go skiing, or head to a tropical destination. Getting away is important to us, so we make it work, and we do it for reasonable price. Always look for deals, because they are out there. Do not be scared of Spirit Airlines. If you know what to expect, then you will not have any surprises or be disappointed. One of my best travel experiences was with Spirit.


Sometimes you just need to suck it up and deal with the weather. I want to complain when the winter days get long, but then I think of pouring a glass of pinot noir and starting a new show. I also remind myself that frigid weather isn’t so bad in the grand scheme of things, because there are people out there who are dealing with far worse. If a long winter day is my biggest worry, I have it made.

How do you embrace the weather? I am always looking for new things to do.


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