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35 and Less Stress

This past weekend I turned 35 years old. I remember when my mom was 35—I thought that was old. Now I know how young 35 is. I still have a lot to learn in life, like how to raise older kids, continue to plan for the future, and keep developing in my career. There are things that I am stuck in my ways on and will likely never change. My care level for certain things has gone so low—but for the better. I am a firm believer that less is more, in being practical, and cherishing the simplest moments. I want to live a low-stress life—well, as much as I can, because working, being a parent, and managing a house is stressful. I want to reduce stress where I can. Here are three ways I reduce stress the older I get.

My kids and all my nephews singing Happy Birthday!

Nothing Compares
I used to compare myself to others. Well, ever since I stopped doing that, I’ve felt amazing. I think that is part of growing up. I may have felt jealous of someone or insecure about myself. It was stressful and exhausting. Social media contributed to those feelings, because I would always know what was going on. I still use social media all the time, but I’ve found reasons to love it. I like sharing and seeing what is going on with people, brands, friends, and family. Now that I have my blog, I use my social media to be me and only me, and it is refreshing. Sharing real life moments is my favorite—same goes for seeing real life moments. I do not care who is friends with who, who has what, who is going where. I am so satisfied with who I have become as a person, and nothing else matters but where I am at in my life. I have gone from having FOMO to JOMO (joy of missing out).

Less Is More
Less of everything is more. Less toys for my kids means they will play more with what they have. Less going out/dressy clothes means more casual clothes for me—which is great, because I am a casual person and live a casual lifestyle. Less friends means more time with the ones who are really important to me. Do not get me wrong, I love networking and meeting people, and I consider myself social and outgoing. But to make a true and real friendship in your mid-30s takes a lot of effort, and frankly I do not have a lot of time. Does that mean I will never make a new friend? No—it just means it has be the perfect connection, without a ton of work. Whether you work full time or are a full time stay at home mom, you know how hard it is to make time to see the friends closest to you. I also think about who would be there for me if I had a true crisis in my life. Would it be the surface friends, or my lifelong friends and family?

Memories Over Things
This last weekend was so special to me because I got to spend my birthday with my entire family—all my siblings and nephews traveled from near and far to be with me. We are rarely all together at one time. I will remember the memories I made on my 35th birthday forever. Taking the opportunity to make a memory with someone close to you is far more important than any gift. It doesn’t have to be on a birthday, but maybe take a random day off and spend it with a friend, your spouse, or your kids. I also believe traveling with your kids is the best way to make a life long memory. I find the shorter the notice and the more spontaneous, the better the memory.

Snow tubing at Elm Creek in Maple Grove.

How do you reduce the stress in your life? I would love to hear from you.

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