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Not so New Year’s Resolutions

The holidays come and go so quickly. My post-holiday blues start to kick in as soon as Christmas is over, and they go into full effect the first day back at work. (All I have to say about being back to work is TGIF!) As each holiday season passes, the kids get older and the holiday magic that’s so present in their early years begins to fade—it’ll be gone before we know it. I truly cherish that holiday magic and want it to last longer than it does—the same goes for the holidays in general. But I know that can’t happen, so I have to count my blessings and realize how lucky I am to have healthy kids who get to enjoy Christmas. As I sulked around on New Year’s Day, I thought of things to look forward to this upcoming year. While I am not big on resolutions, I am big on making changes when and where needed. Here are three things I changed throughout 2018 and am still maintaining today.


Working Out
I made working out a priority about halfway through 2018. I did my 30-minute at-home workouts—they were great for the phase of life I was in. I started to miss the high-intensity, 60-minute, in-person classes I use to take at the gym. For me, I thrive on the energy of the people around me. Our entire family joined the gym, and it has been the best change we have made. Matt can lift, swim, and join me in a class, and the kids can do countless activities. I look forward to continuing this in 2019 and beyond.

I used to save everything, but about halfway through the year I realized we had a ton of kid stuff and house stuff we didn’t use. Every few months, I go through every room and drawer and evaluate if stuff is needed, can be tossed, or can be donated. If something does not have a purpose in our home, it basically leaves. I do make exceptions for keepsake items, such as clothes, artwork, and the kids’ favorite toys—even if they no long player with them.

I started reading thrillers this past fall. I love being able to take a hot bath with a good book. It helps me unwind after the kids are in bed and keeps me off my phone. The main reason I started reading was to do something meaningful instead of looking at my phone for no reason. I will be sharing my top reads of 2018 in a future blog post.

As I see where 2019 leads me, I will continue to make changes in my life as appropriate. One thing I have started immediately is drinking more water. I am terrible at drinking enough water.  What changes have you made that have stuck with you?

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