Time-Saving Tips for the Busy Mom

This blog originally ran in the fall. With the holiday season being so busy, I felt this topic was relevant.

Feeling pressed for time? Story of my life—and everyone’s lives. We are all busy people, and one of my pet peeves is when people make their “busy” look like it is more important than my or someone else’s busy. When someone tells me they are busy, I want so say, “So is the rest of the world.” But, since we are all busy beings—whether we are keeping up a household, working, or both—we need to maximize our days as much as possible. For me, technology has made life easier and more efficient. Here are three things that I do daily or regularly to save time each week, day, or hour!

I do not even know the last time I went into a grocery store. The Instacart app is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Not only do I not have to go into the grocery store now, but I also cut our grocery bill from an average of $150 to $75. I was buying that much impulse stuff—wow. Each week, I make a grocery list and then I go into that app and select my items. I usually pick up the groceries curbside instead of having them delivered, since I am usually out and about anyways and it is easy to pull in and have them bring my groceries to my car. Occasionally, I have them delivered if it is a day I am not leaving the house.

Beachbody® on Demand
No, I am not a Beachbody coach. I am not going to sell you anything—however, their program is awesome for busy moms on a budget (I can connect you with my gal if you are interested). Beachbody on Demand is so easy to use.  I fire up my workout program of choice on my iPad before my kids wake up and get a 30 minute high intensity workout in—it is the best way to start the day! Then I sometimes even have time to have a cup of HOT coffee alone. Most the time the kids are awake before I can get to a cup of coffee; mornings are usually hectic.

Googling Recipes
Pulling up easy and healthy recipes on my phone has been a life saver. I do not have time to follow a lengthy cookbook recipe. I am already on my phone ordering my Instacart items, so why not look up some ingredients for easy recipes and add them right to my Instacart order? The easy and healthy recipe I made most recently is from The Seasoned Mom. It is a dump and bake healthy chicken parmesan recipe—a win for the entire family.

These are ways I save time on a regular basis. Next time someone tells you they are SO busy, tell them how they can save time. Just kidding, do not do that. But you can share with me—I would love to hear how other moms save time throughout their busy days. I am always looking for more ways to be efficient.

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