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Why Halloween with Kids Is So Sweet

Halloween: You either love it or you hate it! Before I had kids, I could honestly take it or leave it. Matt and I were completely fine staying in and handing out candy to kids. We would attempt to watch a scary movie—my attempts always result in failure; Matt can watch them no problem. If I do get through an entire scary movie, it stays with me for weeks. The new Halloween movie has great reviews, but I can’t bring myself to watch it. I Googled it to find out what happens, so now I don’t have to sit through two hours of heart palpitations.

Fast forward to being a parent, and I think Halloween is a BLAST! I love reliving the magic through my kids’ eyes. There is something about making something fun for your kids even though I could take it or leave it. Here is why I love it:

Dressing up little kids for Halloween is adorable; there is nothing cuter than a little toddler all dressed up. I usually pick traditional costumes like a cowboy or an animal. I am not a Pinterest mom where I can make a costume. I have picked out their costumes every year until this year. I let them decide because they are a bit older and I wanted to see if they would pick the obvious choices or surprise me with their selections. Jacob picked Gekko from PJ Masks and Isabelle picked Skye from Paw Patrol (the obvious choice, and I hate Paw Patrol).



The Events
I love taking the kids to a local event so that they can wear their costumes more than once. Everyone is dressed up and they get to go around and play games, get candy, and get plenty of trinkets and trash. The instant gratification is perfect for little kids. Once the novelty wears off, everything can go in the garbage and Matt and I can eat their candy when they are asleep.


This is by far my favorite. I loved trick-or-treating as a kid. Last year was the first year my kids were pretty into it. They understood the concept of going to someone’s door and saying “trick-or-treat.” It took a while for them to say it—they would just stand there and stare with their buckets in hand. Little kids are satisfied with going to only 5-6 houses, but now that Jacob is older and Isabelle loves candy more than anyone I know, we will see how long we are out.

I also love answering the door for trick-or-treaters. I love seeing all the costumes. The thing I do no like is kids who are too old and do not dress up. I still cave and give them candy because I do not want my pumpkins smashed or my house toilet papered.



I used to never decorate for Halloween, but over time it has grown on me. I do not go all out, but just enough to make it festive and fun. I mainly do it for the kids, and they think it is so cool to have Halloween stuff up in the house. I usually hit up Target or Homegoods on November 1 for all of the clearance deals—why pay full price?


What I don’t like
Carving pumpkins—I hate it, everything about it. I do understand how it is fun.


This is why I am starting to love Halloween again—all because of the kids. Do you like Halloween? If so, what is your favorite part?

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