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Me Time, You Time

I write a lot about saving time, maximizing the time you have, and being efficient. One thing that I feel is very important to my sanity is me time. While I love my busy life, I have to prioritize me time—meaning, I do not find time for myself; I make time. This has not always been something I’ve done, but it has become more important recently. Since I work full time and have a husband, kids, and dog, there really is not much time for just me. And while I do not need much solo time, I am very thankful for what I get. I carve out me time first thing in the morning and/or at the very end of the day. And just a little time can feel like a lot if it’s spend in the right ways. Here are four ways I sneak in quality me time that might work for you, too.

Early Mornings
I am a morning person, so this comes naturally to me. I wake up around 5:30-6:00AM, before everyone is awake, and do my workout. I do dread that part, but I never regret spending my time this way. Post-workout is the best—I love to have a cup of coffee in silence and check my email and/or catch up on current events. I am not saying you have to work out, but try waking up, pouring some coffee, and spending 15 minutes in peace before you start your morning routine. If you do not drink coffee, then I do not know what to tell you…maybe have some tea or water. I do not trust adults who do not drink coffee.
Take a walk. Even if it is cold out, you know how to bundle up. Yes, I have a dog, so walks are somewhat forced. But sometimes I need to be forced to get out—especially when it is cold. The dog does not talk back, and I find her somewhat therapeutic because she is so sweet and loyal—a better companion than most people. A 30-minute walk before the evening madness is great way to transition from a busy day at work to taking on a busy evening filled with homework, dinner, or activities. Plus, going on a quick walk gives me one more boost of energy to round out the day.

Hot Baths
This is by far my favorite thing, especially as the cool temps set in for the fall and winter. I gave up my nightly baths for a long time simply because I was not making time for them. I am so glad I started taking them again. This is my favorite part of the day because everything is complete: the work day is done, the busy evening has calmed down, and the kids are asleep. I add some Epsom salt and a few drops of lavender oil to the bath and settle in with a good book.


One more thing: blogging, duh! This is something that I love to do, whether I find the time to write just one blog or five blogs. Right now, Isabelle is watching TV and Matt and Jacob are gone. I am perched at the counter drinking hot tea and writing, doing what I love.

Me time can slip away if you do not make it a priority; I unintentionally sacrificed me time for the longest time. Once I brought it back, it made a difference for me both mentally and physically. I am not saying you have to do these things every day, but find something that is important to you that you can do alone—even if it is one thing a day for 15-30 minutes. Yoga, meditation, knitting, and reading are other great ways to spend quality time with yourself. Send me some of your ideas, because I am always looking for new ways to invest in me time.

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