Life Before Kids

Do you miss the days before you had kids? I sometimes do. There are days where I just want to come home after a long day, watch mindless TV, and eat dinner on the couch. When people say they do not miss those days or do not remember what they did before kids, I sometimes think they are lying. I clearly remember what my previous life was like. Here are some things I miss the most:

Exercising on my terms
I got to do what I wanted—and when I wanted. If I woke up in time, I would go for a morning run. If I decided to go to yoga or a fitness class, I would go right after work. Sometimes I could do both, just because I had the time. Now I have to sneak in my 30 minute at-home workout before the kids wake up, and even that doesn’t work out so well.

Evenings and weekends
I could do happy hour with co-workers and dinner with friends whenever I wanted. If Matt and I had nothing going on, we could binge watch TV and eat dinner on the couch. We would take our dog Molly (RIP) on long walks around the neighborhood before bed. The thing about evenings that I miss the most is my hot bath. I would take a hot bath every night to unwind from my stress-free life. Now, baths are non-existent in my life. By the time the kids are asleep, I wash my face, brush my teeth, and watch TV instead of taking a bath.

Our weekends had no schedule. This was the best thing about the weekends. We would do whatever we wanted, when wanted. We could head to the lake for summer weekends at the drop of a hat and bring almost nothing. Now we pack like we are leaving for months.

One of our past rituals was going to the Golden Nugget every Saturday during the fall and winter around 3 p.m. for appetizers and beer. After we finished there, we would go to Kowalski’s and get something to make for dinner and just simply hang out.

Being alone at home
Being home alone has always been one of my favorite things. There was something about having the house to myself with no plans. I could read, watch TV, or bake cookies. Every now and again I get the house to myself, but it is only for a short time—if Matt has the kids at the park or takes them to run errands.

Life was easy and carefree before kids. I would not trade my current life for anything—my kids are my life. That doesn’t mean I can’t miss what I once had. What was your life like before you had kids?

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