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Traveling with Little Kids

Traveling with little kids is exhausting but worth it. I do not consider it a vacation, I consider it an adventure. People often tell me that my kids will not remember taking trips so young. I know they will not remember, but I will. I have the photos and memories that will last a lifetime. We went to Anna Marie Island in Florida for our first vacation as a family of four in 2016. I am so glad we did it. Here is some unsolicited advice on traveling with littles:

I would stick within the three hour or less flight—at least for your first trip. It is for your and the kids’ sanity. You will find most people are nice to you on the plane; everyone has been in your situation before. People who are not nice and seem annoyed are not smart enough to travel with headphones. When I travel alone, I always bring headphones.

Bring sippy cups and more snacks than you would normally go through—they will get eaten. Do not forget extra clothes for you and your kids. I have been spilled on and peed on. Invest in electronics. I bought my kids each a Kindle because they are affordable and you can load with their favorite movies, shows, and games.

Airlines let you check your car seats for free and check your stroller at the gate. You also get to be one of the first to board the plane so you have time to get your kids situated before everyone else boards.

Beach and pool
Go somewhere with a beach and pool. It is all little kids need, since they are about the simplicity of the experience, not extravagant events like Disney® (yet). Your little ones will have endless fun in or around the water. You will even find yourself having more fun making sand castles than they will.

Condo all the way
When your kids are little and still need naps, rent a two-bedroom condo with a washer and dryer on VRBO or Airbnb. There is nothing worse than being a prisoner in a hotel room during nap time. Not to mention, going out for three meals a day with kids is horrible (and expensive). Most beach condos have umbrellas, beach chairs, and sand toys. You can start your morning playing on the beach, head up for lunch and nap time, and then spend the afternoon at the pool.

I can’t wait to plan my next family vacation. What trips have you taken with kids that you recommend?

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