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My First Blog

Where to start? I will say it took me a long time to think of the title for my first blog. I have only blogged professionally. I loved it so much that I decided to start my own based on my life experiences. Writing and photography have always been passions of mine. They say do what you love; you only get one life, so make it your best.

A little about me
I figure I am like most moms out there. I pick my battles, I work, I try to find deals, I spend minimal time getting ready, I like practical shoes and outfits, I squeeze in a morning workout, and I try to plan out meals for the week. Sounds like Groundhog Day! And I love coffee, tea, and wine! My life is practical, not glamorous.

I have a husband (Matt), two kids, (Jacob, age five, and Isabelle, age three), and golden retriever puppy, Nala. In addition to my family, I have a fulltime job in healthcare marketing. Like most of you, I do the balancing act every day. I want be a present mom and cherish these days while maintaining my career. Someone once told me the days are long and the years are short. To this day, it is saying that is so true to my heart. Do you ever look back at your TimeHop and wonder what happened?

Blog photos

What I won’t share
I won’t share my birth stories—because how many of those do you really want to hear? Who cares? I won’t share what a great parent I am—because who wants to hear from a bragger? I mean, my kids swear sometimes because I can’t always contain it. I think it is cute and funny, but I would never let them know that. I won’t share how great my kids are, because that is boring. Where is the fun in “Isabelle is so great at gymnastics, she listens so well…”? (By the way, she really doesn’t listen so well.) It is more fun to read about her finding a chair, climbing on a desk, and using the cupboard shelves as a ladder to find permanent marker to color the wall. True story—that all happened while I was just in the other room on my phone looking at social media. I think most of us have been there and, if not, email me so I can give you a medal. I won’t get political or religious because people who do that on social media and blogs will never change anything; they just like us to know that they know how to spew venom.

What I will share
TBD: Depends on the day, the experience, and my mood.

I look forward to starting my personal blogging experience. I can’t wait to meet many others experiencing the same thing. Drop me a line at, connect with me on Instagram, or leave a comment and tell me which topics you want to hear about from an average mom who is not an expert at anything.

4 thoughts on “My First Blog

  1. I love that you went for it and are doing something you enjoy. Plus you are gorgeous and hilarious so I will enjoy watching and reading. 😄


  2. Yeah Grace! This is so fun- and I can’t wait to keep up on your entries! And you are an expert- an expert best friend!😘. Love you!


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